Top 10 Best Websites To Watch Anime Online

Are you one of the anime fan? Basically, anime is a Japanese term. Anime is a word obtained from animation. Anime was started in 1917 in Japan. The Japanese anime are known for their superb graphics and beautiful themes. Anime is very famous among all age groups, especially children. There are many anime lovers across the globe which are absolutely very crazy to watch their favourite anime. Anime has a very strong fan following around the world. Some fans do not find proper websites to watch anime online.

There are many downloading websites available on internet which serve anime online. Some of them may be free or paid, but the problem is that most of these anime websites display unnecessary ads, some of they may show some errors. In this way, these super crazy fans are always in the confusion that where to watch anime online? Which are the websites that will show us our favorite anime in superb quality? Which are free and will show fewer errors? Thus, watching anime online is not that simple task.

So, in this article, you will get perfect answers to all these questions. This article contains the top 10 best websites where you can watch your favorite series of anime with no obstacles.

Best Websites Where You Can Watch Anime Online


Watch anime online on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the best anime websites where you can watch excellent quality anime. There are many websites that stream anime but these websites may be legal or illegal. But the best part of the Crunchyroll is that it is the legal website which gives you free as well as paid anime watching services.

Crunchyroll is very popular in most of the countries for its premium and high-quality performance. Some of the videos are free while some are paid. For enjoying paid membership you have to subscribe to the Crunchyroll by paying some money and then you will become a member of this premium package. Once you buy this premium membership you will get ad-free anime which is the most satisfying part of it.

Crunchyroll has provided 14 days free trial which enable you to watch anime of $7/month. Also, you are able to cancel this trial anytime within these 14 days. In addition to this, you will get this with an ad-free experience. If you don’t care much about your money then don’t worry this is the best website for you


China-anime is an anime website which made anime streaming online easy & which also offers you an efficient service with high quality.  On this website, you will get anime series of all time as well as some fresh episodes for free of cost.

This website has a good anime collection which is always updated with the latest episodes with quicker updates than any other website. It also provides English subbed anime. The anime can be downloaded within a few intervals of time. It is the top website which offers you an ad-free service with efficient performance.


Screenshot of 9anime is another website that serves for your entire satisfaction. The unique thing about this website is that it provides you English dubbed anime. On the internet, if you search for websites that will provide you anime dubbed in English you will hardly find a very small number of websites.

Therefore stand apart from other anime streaming websites. In addition to this, it will give you anime in HD quality. Not only it provides dubbed anime but also it serves you subbed anime. This online anime streaming platform is the best platform where you get a collection of a wide range of anime that can be downloaded in less time. is a far better option than kissanime due to some of these above mentioned unique features.

4. Animelab

Animelab is a legal anime streaming website. This website is accessible in only two countries in the world. Those two countries are none other than Australia and New Zealand. The fundamental features of this website are accessible to all users but if you consider premium membership, then the premium feature is available for only subscribers who take premium membership.

The premium package gives you both subbed and dubbed version of anime. Animelab is composed of a very rich collection of anime. For premium members, the cost of membership in Australia and New Zealand is almost the same.


Anime online on kissanime

Kissanime has the largest supporters in the world. Also, they have their own app on Play Store called as kissanime. It provides anime of high quality such as 1080p. kissanime supports Javascript and HTML5. If you are not a registered member on their website then you are only allowed to watch your favourite shows but you cannot download them. This online anime streaming site gives high-performance loads anime in very few seconds.


This is the customer-centric anime providing a website. Due to its user-friendly interface, it is more popular. It also takes some polls to increase user interface. Also, there is a discussion forum where you can make your opinions. To participate in this forum you have to first register yourself and sign in with your account.



The best characteristic of animeseason is that it gives you ad-free anime. Captions, as well as titles, are there for the anime episodes. This website has mainly 4 different sections. Depend on users likes and reviews they have designed their favourite anime list which gives animeseason a unique identity. Also, this site has given users a way to create their own favourite list. Users have to just drag and drop the anime to create this list. Due to a very less amount of ads, you must visit animeseason to spend your quality time while watching.

8. is not among the popular ones. But the anime that they provide are not usually present anywhere else. Due to this reason, this website takes a position in this article. The unique content this article provides is almost free and is of worth notable.


Basically, it is a streaming website, but it mainly provides anime. It shows a different user interface for different countries in the world. It also has a wide range of anime available with different categories with satisfying content. The content is refreshed an in regular interval with many of the popular and classic anime series. The Android and the iOS app makes is a better pick when compared with any other anime platform.


It is a legal anime streaming website supporting English dubbed anime. On this website both dubbed and subbed version of anime are present. Dubbed version for paid subscribers and subbed version for free users. This website offers fantastic English dubbed anime. The number of features for premium members is more in number than free users. If you do not worry about money then, this is another best option to spend your money.

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Finally, this article gives you a brief review or information about the best anime websites available on the internet. Now you must get an idea of where you watch anime. If you have to spend your money then, Crunchyroll is worth for you otherwise it’s up to you where to watch.

For enjoying free experience China-anime etc., are best for you. Hope this article has cleared your all the questions related to searching anime websites. Don’t spend your time and money anywhere apart from all these websites.¬† What are you waiting for? Go to these websites and enjoy your favorite anime online.