10 Sites Like Couchtuner (Best Couchtuner Alternatives)

The cinematic world has taken a leap since the inception of the free streaming movies, series, and anime. With top entertaining giants like Netflix, Hulu, TubiTV, Crackle and many more, watching movies & series is just a few clicks away. Couchtuner is one such website where you fulfill all your media needs. It is a basically a streaming website where one can manage to watch his or her favorite music shows, TV series, top rated movies and other shows at absolutely zero cost.

Isn’t that just fascinating? There is simply no need to register an account as well. Simply visit the website and get going. Well, here in this article, we are going to discuss some of the similar sites like Couchtuner websites to watch TV series for free. The platforms mentioned are the equivalent and best alternatives to Couchtuner. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!

List of Free Sites Like Couchtuner To Watch Series

1. DareTV

dare TV couchtuner alternative


Primarily focused on TV shows, THE DARE TV is one of the top Couchtuner alternatives. The collection of various shows and series, as well as top-rated movies offered by this website, deserves much applause from the fans. It seems to be the perfect place to stream and watch your favorite shows. The website is completely free. There exist no hassle in any sign-up process to browse the shows, although you must get registered to receive any sort of important schedule and other notifications.

This platform also offers us with live sports which makes it one of the most addicted websites for the fan base. It consists of a simple and user-friendly design which makes it easier for the users to get into what they wish for.

2. Cucira

Ranked amongst the top-tier websites, CUCIRCA is one of the most similar sites like Couchtuner. People easily find their favorite shows just by filling the search bar by typing the desired show name and that is it. With a pretty user-friendly interface, this site demands no registration of any account to view the shows. This website includes the most trending TV series that every entertainment lover loves to watch. People find it so convenient for usage.

With an option to stream and download, Cucira is a good alternative to Couchtuner. All the upcoming and released episodes are listed in a form of the blog post. The calendar option helps to keep track of all the episodes sorted with dates.

3. Watch Episode

watch series couchtuner


Meant for the ones who are deeply passionate about TV series and can’t simply compromise regarding this, WATCH EPISODE certainly looks to be the real deal. One of the idiosyncratic traits offered by this platform is that it consists of a section called TOP 10, which provides us with top shows on a daily basis. You can even download the selected content to your PC.

One of the best sites like Couchtuner(even better), the registration procedure is not at all mandatory and people can easily browse their favorite shows without logging in. You can also have the taste of the old classics as well. Old episodes from some of the classic TV series are also viewed in this platform which gives us the feeling of nostalgia.

4. The Series Online

Boasting about being the website possessing the richest databases in both TV shows as well as movies, The Series online is one such platform which has similar characteristics with Couchtuner. It ranks amongst the most searched streaming website which delivers hassle-free streaming services to the fans.

The website is astoundingly designed, comprising of categories and groups which make the task a lot easier while browsing for the desired show or movie. All the movies and TV shows come along with the picture and in pretty organized manner. The registration procedure is optional and if you register and log in, you get the perks of early notifications and all detailed updates.

5. TUBE +


Comprising of a strong database when it comes to TV series and movies, Tube + is one of the most popular streaming websites and managed to attract a hell lot of users in the recent times. It swiftly adds any latest episodes or movies to the list and makes sure no one is disappointed while browsing for favorite shows. All the types of shows and movies are arranged in an alphabetical manner and there is easy access to this very website.

To watch the shows and videos, no account is mandatory for people. There might be ads while searching but once you start viewing, there is no advertisement.

6. CMoviesHD

This site might not be that popular like others which are similar to Couchtuner, but this site has got a bunch of expertise who manages this platform so well that fans get delighted with the service it offers. Browsing shows and movies are too easy and you get to find the very latest of all the movies and shows being aired. People also find some 18+ contents on this website as well. Your streaming experience just gets better and better when you choose CMoviesHD!

This website also looks similar to 123movies with a little change in layout and color. The content offered is of various genres and variety. From movies to TV series, CMovies is great couchtuner alternatives.

7. Let Me Watch This


The perfect place for steaming experience! LET ME WATCH THIS is a quite similar Couchtuner alternative; it contains all the trending TV shows and movies. The latest episodes get added to the website in no time. One of the highlights of this very website is that you get to download your favorite music as well. It has also scope for high-quality viewing of your favorite shows. The browsing and viewing are absolutely free of cost and there is no issue of any registration process.

The website is more toward classic and unknown movies that you won’t find anywhere else. All the content are listed with review rating which surely helps in deciding the content to watch.

8. Series Craving

This platform is as fascinating as it sounds by its name. A similar site like Couchtuner, this website is completely meant for numerous TV series and movies. You find here the archives comprising of the classic episodes from the past of your favorite shows. So you can grab yourself with coke and popcorn and get going reliving the old memories.

Top rated sitcoms like FRIENDS, series like GOT are amongst the popular shows that are most viewed here. For the users, this site has got a schedule as well. So it makes it easy for them while planning to catch their desired shows and episodes.

9. Alluc



This website is a nearly identical site like Couchtuner and similar to torrent search engine. It is quite famous for the collection it possesses in terms of latest TV series and movies from all around. It acts as the hub as it contains all the links that guide you towards viewing your favorite shows. With an exquisite design of the webpage, this site also delivers high definition quality of every video. Also, there exists scope to download whatever show or episode you wish to.

As per new policy, the website may not be accessible from all over the world. You just need to move on to the next options or try using VPN software to use Alluc without interference.

10. Global TV

Welcome to the home of entertainment! Yeah, Global TV is one such platform, quite similar to Couchtuner, where you get to watch your favorite shows and movies ranging from a variety of genres. People visiting this website also manage to have a look at all the latest interviews of the world’s most popular celebrities. LIVE TV is one of the peculiar features this website offers.

The header menu displays all the content this platform has. Live TV, TV series, Full-Episodes and program schedule. Unlike other sites, Global TV is a legal platform which you can access without any trouble and restriction. The

End Note

As already mentioned, the need to fulfill all the media needs is hardly a major matter concern with the discoveries of numerous platforms and websites which serve the purpose quite well. People these days face no problem in watching their favorite anime shows, TV shows, music shows, and series online.

There exist plenty of online sites like couchtuner that provide us with fascinating features and catch the eye of everyone who visits them. All the above-mentioned sites are one way or the other pretty much similar to Couchtuner.