7 Sites To Watch Series Online For Free

Are you looking for a website to watch series online but cannot help it?  If you want to watch movies online or watchTVseries but do not want to bind yourself with scheduled time because of your study or profession? Then, just don’t worry because there are several sites that allow you to watch series online for free where you can watch famous TV series such as “Game of Thrones”, “Prison Break”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Flash”,  and much more.

Gone are the days where people had to depend on the Television just to watchTVseries because the online marketplace has opened the door for TV serial lovers. Various websites are available whereby you can watch series online for free whether it is drama, adventure, comedy, fantasy, mystery or documentary.

Often, you find difficulty while searching a site to watch series online because there are many fake sites available in the online space. So, here we are going to tell you the top 8 sites to watch series online for free.

Top 7 Sites To Watch Series Online For Free

1. Hotstar.com

Hotstar is such a great site that caters online video streaming service with almost all the channels to watch TV series online for free. It allows you to amuse all the episodes with no charge. Apart from TV series, Hotstar also enables you to watch live sports and latest movies too.

You cannot only watch the Indian TV serials even the latest Hollywood serials too. This site is also helpful for those who enjoy the serials in other languages such like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, and Kannada etc.  Hotstar has also a premium version that offers you a one-month free trial. Hotstar has ‘Game of Thrones’ and other interesting series under premium accounts setting you just need to buy it.

2. YouTube

When it comes to Web-series all tech giants prefer this. YouTube is the most popular platform used by the audience to enjoy music, movies, tutorials, sports, TV series and much more. You can search your favourite and watch series online for free on this video streaming platform. You can watch the latest TV series in different languages such can be Hindi, English with subtitles etc.

You can also like, dislike, comment, and share the video what you watch over here. For doing so, you need to create your account on YouTube. Other features of this site allow you to create your playlist, mark your “watch later” etc.

3. Yupptv.in

YUPPTV offers a wide range of TV Channels whereby you can watch TV series. You do not need to subscribe this site as everything is catered at no cost. Apart from TV series, one can also enjoy the movies, news etc.

So, it’s a complete site that offers a multi-service at a single place. So, next time when you miss any serial, news or movie, you can take the recourse of this genuine site. This videos streaming site comes with HD quality and great sound that compel you to watch your favorite serial over here.

4. Tubitv.com

Tubi TV is the global site to watchtvseries & this site offers the range of famous TV series online for free. All you need to get registered on this site thereafter you are allowed to browse any TV series whether it is drama, comedy, horror, thrillers, action or romance. You can search your favorite by going through browse button where you will see various categories to choose.

This site doesn’t merely show the TV shows even you can also find the latest and the most popular movies over there. This site is such a great option for those who got bored with those sites who have common stuff to show because this site enables to you watch something different. This platform has huge collection near to 40,000+ shows and movies to enjoy in totally free of charge.

5. Fmovies.se

This site requires no registration process, you can directly access the whole entertaining stuff of this site. You can search and watch your desired serial by going through the TV-Series menu. You can also go through the Genre section whereby you can enjoy the range of TV series as per the categories whether action, drama, mystery, comedy, family, horror, fantasy, crime and much more.

This site offers their cost-free service where you can watch the world’s most famous full series online.  Here you have the choice to filter your watching stuff whether, by country, genre and TV series etc. This site also invites you to watch the latest movies which can also be seen by using most watched or release menu as per your choice.

6. Yesmovies.to

Be a part of this website and play your favorite series with full HD quality. In order to enjoy the real essence, this site saves searching time as well as provides you comfortable search option whereby you can search and watch the one what you want to watch.

You can decide to choose via given several different categories to watchtvseries. You can also filter country-specific shows. This site also allows you to play movies and to watch the latest news with no cost.

Another advantage of this site is that it shows you all the TV series and movies with ratings so as if you are not decided what to watch then, this feature may help you to pick and play the popular one.

7. Thekecktv.pro

It’s no more a big deal to watch series online for free with this site in your pocket as it’s totally a TV series site that gives you more watching options to have more amusing time to watchTVseries over this site. You can watch any series that you love to play from the well-managed menu as you can filter your choice of series from the given options.

If you are not vigilant about what to play that entertains you then, simply choose genre option and select your desired category what you love to watch. KECKTV explores more filter to make your search and play simpler that is “best 200”, “arriving now”, “trending 2017”, and “top 2016”.

Final Verdict On Sites To Watch Series Online

Thus, there is no need to stay incumbent on Televisions or TV cable connections, the new way of watching the TV serials has taken place in the marketplace. Current youth and society are becoming tech savvy hence, their lifestyle is also getting changed as per changing era.

So, in spite of watching TV serials by sitting at the scheduled time, current generation love to watch series online at their own time-space. They do not want to bind themselves just to watch and enjoy the TV serials.

Thus, add more freedom in your life by watching your favorite serials online at totally free of cost. The given list of 8 websites can help you out to make your life more engaging and amusing. So, pick any of the above sites to watchtvseries as per your comfortability and choice to watch series online for free.

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